About Multicaja

Multicaja is a Chilean company founded in 2007 that seeks to take technology and modernity to all Chilean people by connecting different stores with organizations that provided on line services. Through Multicaja, any store can offer the following services for the final consumer:

  • Bills payments
  • On line bank transactions (cash out/withdraw, balance account, deposits, loan payments).
  • Cash advance for retail credit cards.
  • Electronic payment of meal voucher system
  • Buying insurances
  • Purchase of prepaid top ups: cell phones, Internet, TV and land telephone lines.
  • Payments with store credit cards

Multicaja is a transactional network system with the following features:

  • Open to any organization or service.
  • Presence in each region in Chile and available for any place with cell phone signal, land lines or Internet connection.
  • Available for small and big stores.
  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Online transactions of bits and money (Multicaja does not keep or finance money).
  • Secure transaction network
  • Lower transaction costs comparing to banks and ATMs.
  • Alternative network for Transbank Redbanc, with an alternative operational model for the same transactions and offering also other services.
  • 15.000 puntos más que incluyen cajas de supermercados y farmacias.

Multicaja is an organization certificated and authorized by:

  • Banco Central (Central Bank of Chile) since March 5, 2009 to perform transactions with debit cards.
  • Superintendencia de Bancos e Instituciones Financieras de Chile (SBIF, national service of banks and financial institutions), since October 25, 2010 to perform transactions with debit cards.

Stock Holders

Subsidiary Companies

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    Multitarjeta is authorized by the Central Bank of Chile and is supervised by the SBIF to work with debit and credit cards.

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    Pincenter is one of the largest companies of electronic cell phone credit purchases, lottery games and other prepayment services. Among its clients there are retails, drugstores and supermarkets, with more than 13.000 points.

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    Iswitch has more than 3.000 POS installed in stores and dental centers. Additionally, it provides services to I-Med, a network with more than 3.000 fingerprints readers for the emission of electronic bonds in health services. In November, 2010 Multicaja acquired the network Orsan Redcomercio, which allows to pay different services such as health and transport, among others. This network performs the verification and guaranty of bank checks in the same terminal.